Business Improvisation. Prepared for the unexpected

May 25-29, 2020.

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> Goals

We live in a world that is currently undergoing major changes. Many of our previous plans can no longer continue in this form and we are faced with the challenge of acting in the here and now. Improvisation means dealing with the unforeseen ("improvisus" - the unforeseen). In this course, international experts from the arts, science, and business will conduct highly interactive online sessions to teach you the mindset and methods for professional improvisation. The basis of improvisation is found in the arts (theatre, music), however, in Business Improvisation it is applied for entrepreneurial purposes to be prepared for the unexpected.

Monday, May 25

Prof. Ralf Wetzel (Organization & Arts, Clown)

9am. Introduction to improvisation: The power of PLAY in societal disruption

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Prof. Barbara Tint (Conflict Resolution, President of AIN)

3pm. Improvisational Collaboration and Conflict Resolution

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Prof. Gerald Steiner (Dean at Danube University Krems)

8pm. Real-world problems and innovation

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Tuesday, May 26

Simon Severino (CEO, Strategy Sprints)

9am. The Strategy Sprint. How to maximize your ROL (Return on Luck)

Paul Z Jackson (Trainer & Co-Founder of AIN)

3pm. Applying principles of improvisation in your life and work

Prof. Keith Sawyer (Creativity & Improvisation)

8pm. Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration

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Wednesday, May 27

Agnes Zenk (Trainer, Coach, Actress)

9am. Psychological Safety - Vulnerability and Courage at work

Kat Koppett (Trainer, Consultant, Performer)

3pm. Story on the Spot: Using Improvisational Storytelling Skills for Influence, Problem-solving and Connection

Prof. Miguel Pina e Cunha (Organizational Theory and Behavior)

8pm. Organizational Improvisation

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Thursday, May 28

Prof. Wolfgang Stark with Christoph Zürn and Lutz Hempel (Organization & Music)

9am. Strategic Business Improvisation and Music

Prof. Dan Klein (Lecturer at Stanford University)

3pm. Playful Work

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Dr. Gunter Lösel (Lecturer at Zurich University of Arts)

8pm. Being a cocoon - an environmental approach to improvisation

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Friday, May 29

Gabriele Amann (Trainer & Entrepreneur)

9am. Organizational and Individual Resilience in Dynamic Environments

Prof. Lukas Zenk (Innovation & Networks, AIN Board)

3pm. The core and mindset of improvisation

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Elgar Oberwelz (Executive Design Director at IDEO)

8pm. Culture of Creativity and Play at IDEO

> Online Course

In the university course, you will get profound knowledge and practical experience to deal with the unpredictable constructively. You will apply your ability of real-time creativity in uncertain situations through highly interactive online sessions and practical exercises. Additionally, live interviews are conducted and you have the opportunity to ask your questions directly to international experts from various fields.

  • Sessions (Forenoon: 9am-12pm, Afternoon: 3pm-6pm)
    • Interview with lecturer (30min - open for the public)
    • Interactive Session (90min)
    • Learning Insights (30min)
    • Knowledge Transfer (30min)
  • Late Night Interviews: 8.00pm-8.30pm

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Applied Research Project

We provide current activities on improvisation science, based on the applied research project "Organizational Improvisation". The aim of this research project is to investigate the multidimensional ability of people to improvise in their organizational situation. Based on the findings in arts, science and business, prototypical designs for interventions will be developed.


  • 9/2019-9/2022


  • FFG/Bridge



The ability for professional improvisation

A new research project conducted by Danube University Krems, Vienna University and Strategy Sprints aims to put the concept of improvisation - as hitherto known in art - into the hands of organizations. The goal is to develop a framework that companies can use in complex everyday business situations.

Full Interview with Lukas Zenk